Best Beaches Near Tainan, Taiwan

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Best Beaches Near Tainan, Taiwan

There are a few beaches to choose from in Tainan. There are three that most of the locals go to. Choosing the right beach for you depends on your location and what sort of fun you’re looking for.

UPDATE: As of 2022 you can no longer swim at Yuguang Dao. After a series of drownings, the Kaohsiung Port Authority has decided to hire a security guard to harass locals and tourists and keep them out of ankle-high water. One of the most popular tourist locations in Tainan has been ruined by short-sighted public policy. Instead of hiring lifeguards or posting signs that are based on actual ocean conditions, the Tainan City Government or KPA has decided to choose the laziest and unintelligent solution and ban all swimming, regardless of the ocean conditions. If you are a tourist or student visiting Tainan, I recommend you go to the Sunset Platform to swim until the Tainan government or KPA decides to implement a policy that isn’t uninformed.

Sunset Platform (觀夕平臺)

This is another popular beach for locals and if you couldn’t guess by the name, is a popular spot for taking pictures during the sunset. This beach has more to offer than Yuguangdao (魚光島) and is located on the other side of the bay.

The beach is located near Anping District which is a popular spot for locals and tourists. There are a number of restaurants not that far from the beach and a variety of streetcar vendors right next to the beach.


Address: 708台南市安平區漁光路134號

This is the easiest beach to get to. A number of buses run to the beach or nearby. Bus 88 stop Tainan Park will take you directly to the beach. Bus 99 stop Qigu Salt Mountain stops a few minutes walk from the beach and Bus 2 stop Sankunshen will be a 5-10 minute walk to the beach.

Google Maps: Sunset Platform

Yugungdao (漁光島)

This is one of the more crowded beaches in Tainan and a popular spot for water-sports like surfing, paddleboarding, and windsurfing. Locals interested in sightseeing and taking pictures crowd towards one end of the beach while swimmers and surfers hang out by the Sunset Tower.

There are restrooms and showers near the bus stop on (魚光路). The beach doesn’t have any bars or restaurants nearby but there are a few streetcar vendors and a fishing store that sells beer and cold drinks.


Address: 708台南市安平區漁光路114號

Getting to this beach isn’t too difficult, just hop on a bus that stops at the Eternal Golden Castle (二鯤鯓砲臺) and either walk or take one of the U-bikes to the large bridge, south of the bus station. Cross the bridge and you’ll be at the beach.

Google Maps: Yuguangdao

Gold Coast (黃金海岸)

This is one of the hardest beaches to get to but is more well known to foreigners. It’s a popular spot for sightseeing and ecological exploration. The Gold Coast is the largest beach near Tainan. It has a number of restaurants and streetcar vendors nearby as well as some historical sites.


Address: 702台南市南區

Get on Urban Bus 1 and take it to the Sing-Gong Elementary School (省躬國小) stop.

Google Maps: Gold Coast

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