How to Get an English Teaching Job in Taiwan

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How to Get an English Teaching Job in Taiwan

Compared to other countries in Asia, Taiwan is much more restrictive about its requirements for foreigner English teachers. Teachers are required to have either a bachelor’s degree or a TEFL certificate. The main reason Taiwan is more difficult to teach English as a second language is because of the higher standard of living and quality of life.

Taiwan has a universal health care system and consistently ranks as one of the best countries for foreigners to live in. Once you get in though, you won’t want to leave. Taiwan is the hidden gem of Asia. Taiwan’s lack of official recognition by the majority of countries has hidden it from travelers and wanderers. Which makes it a great place to live and explore.

What are the Qualifications to Teach English in Taiwan?

If you are qualified to teach in Taiwan, it is not that difficult to find a teaching job. School’s are constantly looking for foreign English teachers and if you have a teaching certificate in your home country, you can teach at a public school and make a lot more money.

I have compiled a list of job sites and other useful resources that have teaching jobs in Taiwan. All you need to do is email the employers on the website and they will contact you about an online or in-person interview.

Do I Need to be in Taiwan to Get a Job?

If you’re interested in teaching English, you don’t need to be in the country. In fact, it makes things easier if you’re not because you can wait until you have a work visa before arriving in Taiwan. The downside to this is unless you’ve visited Taiwan beforehand, you won’t know which city you prefer to live in. Personally, I would recommend Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taitung, and Kenting.

There are some schools I would suggest avoiding. One school is Giraffe English and the other is the American Eagle Institute. These schools have bad reputations among cram schools and private English schools. It’s recommended that you get a copy of the contract before you agree to sign anything. Another school is HESS, they guarantee 25 hours per week, but you don’t know which city you’ll be teaching in until teacher orientation which makes planning difficult.

How Much will I Make Teaching English in Taiwan?

In general, most of the schools pay around the same hourly rate. The range is from $600-700 NTD an hour or around $20-22 USD. Some schools, like Joy English and HESS, will pay you a wage for administrative work like grading and attendance. This is something you should ask about during the interview process. I’ve broken down my income and expenses here.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them.

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