Guide to Enjoy the Best Food in Taipei

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Enjoy the Best Food in Taipei

Taiwan is one of the most convenient countries in the world. And there is a quick and convenient way to try some famous Taiwanese delights while traveling the city.

There are a variety of great restaurants and shops offering pastries, noodles, fruit, and drinks near the metro stations throughout the city.

Rilakkuma Café near Zhongxiao Dunhua Station

Rilakkuma Café is an Instagramer’s dream. This bear themed restaurant offers food so “cute” that you won’t want to eat it.

The restaurant is located right next to the Zhongxia Dunhua Station. It is an incredibly popular restaurant, so be sure to get a reservation beforehand.

You can pre-purchase a Standard or Deluxe Set here. This package includes a reservation.

Smith&hsu near Zhongshan Station and Taipei City Hall Station

The Queen Victoria Afternoon Tea Set

Enjoy some of the best tea and pastry’s in Taiwan. It’s located five minutes away from the Zhongshan Station and only one minute from the Taipei City Hall Station.

Smith&hsu will give you a modernized traditional Taiwanese tea experience. You can select your tea by trying the Five-Step Smell or Judge Tea Plate. They even offer alcohol infused tea drinks. You can get a discount by purchasing a voucher here.

My Stove at Songjiang near Nanjing Station

Braised Pork over Rice (肉燥飯)

My Stove at Songjiang is modeled after a Taiwanese street during the Japanese colonial era. It is considered one of the best restauarants in Taipei. And was awarded the Bib Gourmand in the inaugural Taipei Michelin Guide 2018.

My Stove at Songjiang is a great place for tourists or foreigners to visit to experience traditional Taiwanese cuisine. One of the most famous dishes in Taiwan, and a personal favorite is Braised Pork over Rice (肉燥飯). You can get a discount on the Braised Pork here.

D.G. Cafe at Daqiaotou Station

D.G. Cafe and Hotel is another Instagram friendly restaurant. It is a garden-themed cafe located right next to the beautiful Tamsui River.

The cafe also operates as a hotel. If you are looking for a place to stay, you could enjoy a nice breakfast or brunch. The cafe is conveniently located six minutes from Daqiaotou Station. You can get a discount on an afternoon tea set here.

Niu Kung Kuan Beef Noodles

This is one of the most popular noodle shops in Taipei. It is incredibly popular with the locals so expect to wait in a line. You can pre-purchase a discount on a beef noodles set here. The store is conveniently located three minutes from the Ximen MRT Station.

You have to try beef noodles when visiting Taipei. It is one of the most popular dishes in the country and also one of its most delicious. Not all noodle shops are the same so I would definitely recommend checking this shop out.

Shanghai LaoTienLu

This shop has been one of the most popular stores in Taiwan since the KMT fled China and established the ROC. Their box of duck tongues, chicken feet, and duck wings are a popular snack and make an excellent gift. You can easily pick up a gift box by using the Klook discount code here.

Yunmaji Braised Noodle Dishes

One of my favorite foods in Taiwan is pig intestine and duck blood. This might sound odd or disgusting but the taste is truly delicious. My favorite food in Taiwan in pig intestine. It is the perfect mix of fat and dark meat. You can get a discount on different sets here.

If you want to earn respect from the local Taiwanese, then you should try duck blood and pig intestine. They’ll know that you are really interested in experiencing their food culture.

The Master Instant Spicy Noodles

Taiwan has some of the best instant noodles in the world. And if you want to bring a gift back to your family or friends, then the Master’s Instant Spicy Noodles are a great option.

Skip the line and purchase a box of Master’s Instant Spicy Noodles here. You can choose between wide and regular noodles. Make sure you buy enough packs. One of my greatest regrets is not buying more. You can get a number of different packs here.

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