How I got Here

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Everyone I’d been with had always had something that made me question whether I really thought I was attracted to them. My first serious relationship, I was with a girl that I’d never look at twice if I had seen her on the street. For whatever reason I fell in love with her and we dated for almost five years before she left me.

The ones that came after were more attractive but that feeling that something was missing was still there. Back in the US I was in the abyss. The mental suffering became physical and thoughts of suicide haunted me. Experts say that exercise is supposed to help with depression but during my daily runs I picked out trees that I would want to hang myself from.

When I arrived in Taiwan those feelings were still there but the medication had helped limit the intensity of what I felt. It was my second or third time floating in the ocean when I made the decision to stay here. Mentally I knew I couldn’t go back to the US but I had also never felt like I was at home until I had come to Taiwan.

When I got off the train to Kaohsiung and reached the top of the escalator, my first thought when I saw her was, damn she’s hot. Unfortunately real life isn’t as poetic as I’d like it to be but there’s something about the simplicity of my thoughts that reflect something about myself.

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