Where to get Pocket WiFi in Taiwan – 73% Discount

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How can I get WiFi in Taiwan?

One of the biggest inconveniences when traveling as a tourist is not having access to WiFi. Taiwan offers a lot of free WiFi hot-spots in most of its cities but accessing them can be difficult. For instance, if you cannot read Chinese or don’t have access to your passport.

When I arrived in Taiwan I was concerned about not being to access the Internet if I got lost or needed help. For example when I first landed in Taipei, my friend and I needed help getting to Tainan. Fortunately we found a WiFi router station and were able to connect with our Taiwanese friend. He was able to help us get to Tainan from Taipei.

If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient option you can do what I did and rent a portable WiFi router. You can purchase one from either Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), Taipei Songshan Airport or Kaohsiung International Airport.

The company I used was Unite Traveler and if you purchase if through Klook, you can get a 73% discount. Once I was in Tainan and got everything situated I returned my portable WiFi router in Kaohsiung. Then I bought a SIM card since I was staying for three months. Depending on how long you stay this can be a much more affordable option compared to purchasing a SIM card.

Personally I think it depends on how much time you’ll want to be connected. If you are here for a business trip, then purchasing a SIM card will be the most convenient option, but if you are visiting as a tourist or with your family, purchasing a portable WiFi router is the better and cheaper option.

If you have kids, the portable WiFi router lets you control when they have access to the Internet which means they can appreciate the rich culture and scenery of Taiwan rather than play on their phones the entire time.

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