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How to go to Tainan from Taichung – 20% Discount on HSR Ticket

How to go to Tainan from Taichung

Taichung is a popular destination in Taiwan. It has a lot of great museums, temples, and other cultural hot spots. One of my favorite is the National Taichung Theater. Another popular destination is Tainan located in Southern Taiwan. It is the home of the popular Bubble Tea drink and is the former capital of Taiwan. Getting to Tainan from Taichung is a straight-forward process. You can make it even more easier by pre-purchasing your HSR Ticket here and get a 20% discount!


  1. Taichung Train Station is located at No. 1, Section 1, Taiwan Boulevard, Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan 400
  2. If you are taking a taxi, the address in Chinese is (400台中市中區台灣大道一段1號 )

Taichung HSR/TRA Station:

  1. At the Taichung HSR Station, buy an HSR ticket from HSR Taichung Station to HSR Tainan Station.
  2. Take the HSR south to Zuoying.
  3. Exit at the Tainan HSR Station.

Tainan HSR Station:

  1. The Tainan HSR Station is located outside of Tainan City which means you need to buy a ticket for the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA).
  2. Buy a TRA ticket from Shalun Station to Tainan Station.
  3. Exit at Tainan Station.

Alternative Route

You can also get to Tainan from Taichung by using the Taiwan Railway Administration. This route is cheaper, but also slower. It does have the added benefit of not having to change from the HSR to the TRA.

Taichung HSR/TRA Station:

  1. When you arrive at HSR Taichung Station , you need to buy a ticket for either:
    • West Coast line (southbound)
    • West Coast line (southbound, through traffic)
      • Toward Changhua, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung
  2. Exit at Tainan Station.