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Interview: Cowboy’s Bar & Grill, an American Experience in Kenting

I recently found out about a really cool American style bar & grill in Kenting. I decided to ask Nikki, the owner, for an interview so I could to learn more about the restaurant. I hope you find this interview as interesting as I did. If you are ever in Nanwan beach in Kenting, make sure you stop by Cowboy’s Beach Bar & Grill!

Cowboy's Bar & Grill

When did you originally come to Taiwan?

I was born here and moved to the USA when I was 15. I embraced the culture, and the food! I came back to Taiwan about 8 years ago, and moved to Kenting in 2018. 

How did you come up with the idea to open Cowboy’s Beach Bar & Grill?

My family had successful restaurants in the states called China Road, so I always worked in this kind of industry. I loved it, and it put me though college! It’s always been a little dream of mine to own a beach bar, and the idea of Cowboy’s was born. 

View of Nanwan Beach from Cowboy's Beach Bar & Grill
View of Nanwan Beach from Cowboy’s Beach Bar & Grill

Why did you choose Kenting as the location?

Before moving here we always made trips to Kenting, I fell in love with the beach, the scenery, and lifestyle. The peninsula has so much more to offer than many people realize, and I was lucky enough to meet the owners of Lohas Recreational Park on Nanwan beach. They liked my ideas…I wanted to create a relaxed beach bar, with great music, a fun image and with good old American food and drinks done really well.

Cowboy's Classic Burger with Fries
Cowboy’s Classic Burger with Fries

What type of food can you get at Cowboy’s?

American style food- juicy burgers, sandwiches, plenty of appetizers- from buffalo wings to nachos. We also have New England styled seafood boil, and  freshly baked chocolate chips cookies with ice cream. We don’t scrimp on the quality of the meat, and the quality of our bread. I wanted to cook real American food that people could enjoy with a cold beer or cocktail. 

Cowboy's Sausage Sub with Salad
Cowboy’s Sausage Sub with Salad

What is your most popular order?

Our burgers & sausages have been really popular,  as well as the wings, and Cuban sandwiches.  P. S. I use sausages and burger patties from Cory’s Kitchen in Kaohsiung! (Proudly)

Gin & Tonic with a view of the beach
Gin & Tonic with a view of the beach

What kind of drinks can you buy and which do you think is the best?

We have Taiwan Gold Metal on tap at the moment, served in a chilled glass, and we’ll be increasing the range of draft beer soon. We also have a variety of popular bottled beers, as well as IPA, Guinness, and some ciders.

We also have all kinds of different cocktails- from the most simple and popular gin and tonic to our signature drinks – fresh fruit margaritas and daiquiris.

My favorites are the daiquiris, but my husband says there is nothing better than a draft beer in a cold glass while looking at the ocean. 

Cowboy's Beach Side Seating
Cowboy’s Beach Side Seating

Are there any live events, concerts, art exhibitions, etc. held at Cowboy’s?

We often have live music performance on weekends and holidays. We’re set up to accommodate acts up to a trio. The shows here are great fun, acoustic and not too loud. We start at sunset and roll on into the night. 

When can people come visit Cowboy’s?

Anytime! We’re open everyday from 10am til 10pm or later. The best time to enjoy it is a nice sunny day on the beach, but we’re expanding soon, and we’ll have an indoor seating area. A perfect spot for all weather! 

Customer's enjoying a drink by the beach
Customer’s enjoying a drink by the beach

What are your plans for the future?

To continue to serve fresh food and drinks and bring people a great time and super memories! We pride ourselves on a warm a friendly service. When we expand we will have live sports on TV, along with a comfortable lounge area. People traveling and away from home can enjoy their favorite sports games on the fabulous beach with tasty food and drinks.

cowboy's beach bar & grill - 牛仔沙灘酒吧餐廳

What’s the best way to keep up with everything going on at Cowboy’s?

Follow us on Facebook (cowboy’s beach bar & grill – 牛仔沙灘酒吧餐廳), instagram (cowboyskenting), call, or email us! Our website is