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Review: Longqi Wenheng Temple (龍崎文衡殿)

Longqi Wenheng Temple (龍崎文衡殿)

Built in 1998, the Longqi Wenheng Temple (龍崎文衡殿) is a sister temple to the Guandi Temple (台南東區關帝殿) located in east Tainan. The temple mainly enshrines Wenheng Sheng Di, and is a major hub for religious belief in the Longqi area. To attract younger visitors, the temple added life-size models of Marvel heroes. Longqi Wenheng Temple has added life-size models of Iron Man, Transformers and The Avengers into the main hall. An attempt at integrating elements of Taiwanese traditional religion, and popular culture. This is the first time this has been done in Taiwan and internationally, making it a unique destination to visit for Taiwanese and tourists in Taiwan. The inside of the temple holds many famous works by the renowned wood carver, Chen Zheng-hsiung, and master of Koji pottery, Lin Kuang-yi.

I found this temple accidentally trying to the find the Niupu scenic area. I was deep into the mountains when I saw a temple up ahead and as I drove around the corner I saw this huge temple. There was music playing in the rest and recreation areas. They also had a convenience store located there where you could buy cold drinks and other goods. Personally I’m not a fan of the Marvel figures, but I understand how popular the movies are and the need to stand out from all the other temples. I would definitely recommend visiting if you don’t have anything to do and want to spend a weekend afternoon relaxing.