Taiwan High Speed Rail Ticket Booking Guide

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Taiwan’s High Speed Rail (THSR) is one of the most convenient ways to travel around Taiwan. From Taipei you can get to Kaohsiung in 1 1/2 hours. When I travel, I prefer to use Taiwan’s High Speed Rail system because it is more convenient, comfortable and faster than the Taiwan Railway Association’s (TRA) trains.

Unfortunately, THSR tickets cost quite a bit depending on how far you want to travel, but there a couple ways to get a discount on the THSR tickets.

The most convenient is to purchase your tickets through Klook. Below you will find a list of each discounted ticket depending on departure station.

5 Day Joint Train Pass

3 Day THSR Pass

2 Day Flexible Unlimited Pass

Departure: Taipei

Departure: Nangang

NangangBogo“>Buy One Get One Free:

Nangang is located to the east of Taipei. It’s a quick trip, but you can find the Shawa Canyoning nearby. A beautiful waterfall that is worth your time.

Departure: Taoyuan

Departure: Hsinchu

HscinchuBogo“>Buy One Get One Free:

Hscinchu is a beautiful and popular business city. I haven’t visited yet, but I plan on doing so in the future.

If you are traveling with a partner or your family, you also have the option of getting two tickets for the price of one from Hsinchu to the other Taiwan High Speed Railway stations.

Departure: Changhua

Departure: Yunlin

Departure: Banqiao

Departure: Miaoli

Miaoli “>Buy One Get One Free:

Miaoli is known for its beautiful Tong Blossoms. If you visit in May-April you will be able to see the beautiful Tong Blossoms. The Miaoli HSR station also offers a BOGO option so you can get two tickets for the price of one.

Departure: Taichung

Departure: Tainan

Departure: Kaohsiung

kaohsiungbogo“>Buy One Get One Free:

Kaohsiung has an international airport and is where I prefer to travel from since it is so close to Tainan. It is also a great starting point in your tour of Taiwan. You can take a the normal TRA trains to to the east coast or you can use the HSR to visit the west coast.

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