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Taiwan’s Top 10 Hidden Gems

Taiwan’s Top 10 Hidden Gems

Taiwan is known for its beautiful scenery and amazing locations, but the island has some hidden gems that remain secret except for the most adventurous.

#10 Nenggao Grassland, Nantou County (南投,能高草原)

Nenggao Grassland, Nantou County (南投,能高草原)

The first of Taiwan’s top ten hidden gems is the Nenggao Grassland. The trail is open to hikers and cyclists. It is a great camping site with a waterfall and giant cabin along the way. If you are lucky you might catch sight of a rainbow crossing the mountains.

  • Location: 南投縣仁愛鄉與花蓮縣秀林鄉交界

#9 Jianqing Huaigu Trail, Yilan County (宜蘭,太平山見晴古道)

Jianqing Huaigu Trail, Yilan County (宜蘭,太平山見晴古道)

The Jianqing Huaigu Trail was a railway used to cut down forests and transport timber during the Japanese era. It was converted into a pedestrian walkway after the end of Japanese occupation. This Taiwanese hidden gem is only 900 meters, but it is full of a nostalgic atmosphere. It is no wonder that the foreign media chose it as one of the 28 most beautiful trails in the world.

  • Location: 宜蘭縣大同鄉太平山上

#8 Eagle Rock Tip, Yilan County (宜蘭, 鷹石尖)

Eagle Rock Tip, Yilan County (宜蘭, 鷹石尖)
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On the rock wall adjacent to Daxi Fishing Port, a stone eagle has been silently waiting at the top of the mountain for thousands of years. At the tip of the eagle stone, a giant rock stands like an eagle on the top of the mountain. The pointed part of the giant rock is like the eagle’s giant talon. It stands on the giant raft and looks down the coastal road. This hidden gem is located on the coastal road of Taiwan.

  • Location: 宜蘭縣頭城鎮內大溪路17號(明山寺附近)

#7 Lisong Hot Springs, Taitung County (台東, 栗松溫泉)

Lisong Hot Springs, Taitung County (台東, 栗松溫泉)
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It is only a coincidence that this Taiwanese hidden gem was discovered. The Taiwanese aborigines discovered this hot spring on a hunting trip. It is recommended that you have a guide otherwise it will be really difficult to find on your own.

  • Location: 台東縣海端鄉摩天部落

#6 Sound of the Sea, Hsinchu City (新竹, 海之聲)

Sound of the Sea, Hsinchu City (新竹, 海之聲)

The only sound you will hear at this Taiwanese hidden gem is the sound of the sea. The road leads straight to the horizon, a road to the sky, a Taiwanese secret that is suitable for meditating.

  • Location: 新竹市香山區南港街106巷

#5 Remains of the 13 Levels, Taipei City (台北, 九份十三層遺址)

Remains of the 13 Levels, Taipei City (台北, 九份十三層遺址)

Some people use the ancient city of Pompeii to describe this Taiwanese hidden gem. The thirteen-story copper smelting plant built on the hillside is commonly known as the “Thirteenth Floor” by miners and local residents. During the Japanese-era period, the ore was refined to produce copper but it was destroyed by Allied bombings during the Second World War.

  • Location: 新北市瑞芳區金瓜石(陰陽海旁。水湳洞停車場上方)

#4 Eryanping Trail, Chiayi County (嘉義, 阿里山隙頂)

Eryanping Trail, Chiayi County (嘉義, 阿里山隙頂)

The sea of ​​clouds, the setting sun, the tea garden, and the boulder bark, this beautiful and unique scenery of Taiwan is located on a small road named Legend Road in Alishan. A great place to watch the sunrise and sunset, watching the golden sun tumbling in the clouds, like a fairyland on earth.

  • Location: 嘉義縣番路鄉觸口村車埕51號

#3 Shuiyang Forest, Nantou County (南投, 水漾森林)

Shuiyang Forest, Nantou County (南投, 水漾森林)

The splendid city lights always carry a sense of loneliness. Just like the other forests in Taiwan’s top ten hidden gems, the beautiful scenery has an indescribable loneliness. The dead posture of the pine trees are reflected in the water.

The Shuiyang Forest is the largest barrier lake in Taiwan. The blue sky, the dead wood and the clear water reflect each other. It is really beautiful. After a hard journey, visitors can enjoy a night of camping on the edge of the forest. There is no light pollution, the galaxy in the starry sky is above you, the fireflies fluttering through the forest, letting you dream of a smile.

  • Location: 南投縣竹山鎮溪阿縱走(阿里山石鼓盤溪上游)g

#2 Laomei Green Reef, Taipei City (台北, 老梅石槽)

Laomei Green Reef, Taipei City (台北, 老梅石槽)

The Laomei Green Reef is located on the stone trough coast of Laomei, Shimen District, New Taipei City. It is the only special landscape of the stone trough in the whole station. The stone trough is green only in April and May of each year, and it has to be seen at low tide.

  • Location: 新北市石門區德茂里下員坑33-6號

#1 Chiaming Lake, Taitung County (台東, 嘉明湖)

Chiaming Lake, Taitung County (台東, 嘉明湖)

The top hidden gem of Taiwan is a mysterious place visited by angels. The blue lake is of a gem-like luster. It is called “the sapphire that God lost in the world.” The magic is that there are no mountains or streams flowing into the lake. However, it is almost guaranteed that the year is not dry, so some people say that it is the tears of angels left in the world.

Located 3,000 meters above sea level, the Chiaming Lake is actually a rare young rock lake on the earth. It is also the second highest alpine lake in Taiwan.

  • Location: 台東縣海端鄉