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Visiting Taipei 101 Observatory – E-Ticket Klook Review

Last summer I visited Taipei on a weekend trip and decided to visit the famous Taipei 101. It is one of, if not the most iconic buildings in east-Asia and is likely the first thing people think of when they hear of Taiwan.

I have been using a stylized picture of Taipei 101 as my phone wallpaper for over a year. It is one of my favorite buildings and I absolutely love the design. The last time I went, I pre-purchased an e-ticket using Klook’s discounted offer. I was able to skip all the lines and pick my ticket up from the electronic kiosk. Quick. Easy. Efficient.

You can purchase your ticket here.

Taipei 101

You can travel to the 89th floor on one of the world’s fastest elevator to get a 360-degree view of the Taipei skyline. Or you can also walk up to the 91st floor’s outdoor observatory.

There are some additional benefits that come from purchasing your e-ticket from Klook. If you book before Dec 20, 2019 you can get white chocolate strawberry popcorn, Wang De Chuan fruit tea, or other free gifts by booking a specific package.

What’s inside Taipei 101?

Taipei 101 is home to a luxurious shopping mall. It’s one of the first things you will see when you walk into Taipei 101.

  • B1 Food Court and Various Shops
  • 1F Department Store
  • 2F Shopping Mall and Sky Bridge
  • 3F Luxurious International Shops
  • 4F Largest Indoor Cafe and Restaurant Area in Taipei

Taipei 101’s 101st Floor

This floor is said to be home to a private VIP club named Summit 101. It is said that only foreign dignitaries, Hollywood film actors, and high spenders in the Taipei 101 mall have been invited to the club.

Is Taipei 101 Free?

Taipei 101 is free to enter. But if you want to take the elevator to the observatory, you will need to purchase a ticket. You can pre-purchase an e-ticket online Why the Name Taipei 101

Taipei 101 has 101 floors. The famous building in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan is named 85 Sky Tower.

What’s Near Taipei 101?

Taipei 101 is located in Xinyi Commerical District. It is one of the most prosperous and affluent districts in Taipei. You can find a variety of high-end boutiques, such as Channel, Gucci, and Coach.

There also a variety of great restaurants, night clubs, movie theaters, and shopping malls. Make sure you take time out of your schedule to explore the area.

Is Taipei 101 Earthquake Proof?

The Taipei 101 damper is what allows Taipei 101 to survive the high winds from typhoons and earthquakes. It was a must see when you visit.

The Taipei 101 Damper
The Taipei 101 Damper

Taipei 101 was designed to withstand winds up to 216 km/h or 134 mph. During construction, it survived a 6.8-magnitude earthquake. Its largest recorded movement was 100 centimeters due to strong winds during Typhoon Soudelor on August 8, 2015.

In April 18, the damper recorded its biggest recorded movement due to an earthquake on April 18, 2019. It moved 20 centimeters due to a 6.1 earthquake that occurred in Hualien County.

Is Taipei 101 the Tallest Building?

At the time of completion, it was the worlds tallest building. It is now the fourth tallest building in the world.

Is Taipei 101 a Green Building?

Taipei 101 is the worlds tallest and largest green building in the world. It was given the LEED Platinum Certification in 2011. The highest award given.