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Where to Buy the Best Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Before coming to Taiwan I was never much of a tea drinker. In the US I preferred coffee. But since moving here I’ve tried a lot of the different teas. Taiwan’s most famous tea is Oolong tea. At first, I wasn’t a fan of the taste, but now it’s one of my favorites.

What is Taiwan Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea is made from the same leaves as Green and Black tea. The difference is in how the tea leaves are processed. Green tea leaves are not allowed to oxidize while black tea leaves are allowed to oxidize until turning black. Oolong tea leaves are somewhere in the middle of the oxidization process.

Alishan (阿里山) - Where Taiwan Oolong Tea is produced.
Alishan (阿里山) – Where Taiwan Oolong Tea is produced.

Some Taiwan Oolong tea is produced in the mountainous regions of Taiwan like Alishan. This type of Taiwan Oolong tea is called Taiwan High-Mountain Oolong tea. Since the tea is being cultivated at such a high altitude, it is allowed to slow the maturation process which concentrates the flavor and produces a strong flowery aroma.

In order to be listed as high-mountain tea, the tea must be grown above 1000 meters. Some in Taiwan only consider tea grown in altitudes above 1500 meters to be high-mountain tea. High-mountain teas are for the tea drinker who prefer a softer taste to their teas. They are easier to brew, but cost more due to the higher elevation.

What are the health benefits of Taiwan Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea shares a lot of the same health benefits of Green tea and Black tea.

One health benefit of Oolong tea is that it may help prevent diabetes. This is because it helps reduce blood sugar levels and increase. [1]

Another health benefit of Oolong tea is the antioxidants in the tea may improve heart health. The regular consumption of Oolong tea has been shown to reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease. [2]

Taiwan Oolong tea may also contribute to fat loss and increased calorie consumption. Some studies have shown that Oolong tea can increase the number of calories burned per day. [3]

One study has found that Oolong tea may improve brain function and reduce the risk of brain function decline. The consumption of Oolong tea has been shown to improve cognition and memory. [4]

Where can I buy Taiwan Oolong Tea?

A variety of different types of Taiwan Oolong tea are available online.

Best Overall Quality: Oriental Beauty – Taiwan Oolong Tea

Oriental Beauty - Taiwan Oolong Tea
Oriental Beauty – Taiwan Oolong Tea


This Taiwanese Oolong tea is grown in Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is not a High-mountain Oolong tea. But it has a rich and sweet flavor. The flavor is sweet enough that you can drink it without sugar or honey.

Since it is not a high-mountain tea, you need to be more attentive during the brewing process. Fortunately this tea comes with a PDF manual on how to properly brew the tea to get the best results.


  • High quality tea
  • Contains tones of honey and fruits
  • Perfect for any occasion


  • Frequently sold out
  • More difficult to brew
  • Lacks the more refined taste of High-mountain Oolong tea

Best High-Mountain Oolong Tea: Pantenger – Alishan Jade Oolong

Pantenger - Jade Oolong Loose Leaf Tea
Pantenger – Jade Oolong Loose Leaf Tea


Pantenger’s Oolong tea is grown at an altitude of 4200 – 4600 ft in the Alishan tea producing region of Taiwan. At this higher altitude the tea is able to mature more slowly. The flavor concentrates and produces a unique flowery aroma.

This is one of my favorite Oolong teas. I don’t like to add sugar or honey into my tea. This high-mountain tea is able to hold its flavor without tasting bitter. The Patenger Oolong tea has become my daily tea.


  • Grown and picked by experts in Taiwan
  • Buttery smooth texture and flowery aroma
  • Can reduce appetite and increase fat burning during exercise


  • Requires 30 – 35 rolled leaves per infusion
  • Taste becomes weak after 3rd infusion

Freshest High-Mountain Oolong Tea: Jade Oolong Tea – Nantou County


Jade Oolong tea is grown at an altitude of 1500 ft in Nantou , Taiwan. It was picked in 2020, so it is fresh. The Oolong tea is packaged in a multi-layer foil bag, which prolongs storage life and protects it from humidity and light.

I’ve personally been to Nantou and it is one of my favorite areas in Taiwan. The tea grown there and the tea culture of Nantou is one of the best in Taiwan. This Oolong tea has a very rich taste with a slight syrupy body.


  • Good for several pots of potent, flavorful tea
  • High quality, without the bitter taste of other Oolong teas


  • Grown at a lower altitude than other Oolong teas.
  • Slight roasted taste