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Taiwan Blog: July 2019

Taiwan Blog: July 2019

I started this month off by visiting Hualian for the first time. I went to the Ocean Home music festival the first week of August, but the rest of the month I didn’t do anything really exciting. So this blog won’t be as long as last month’s.

July 1 – 7

Saturday – Sunday (7/6 – 7/19)

Ocean Home is my second festival in Taiwan and it was amazing. It’s on the coast, right next to the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t take any pictures, but I did make another motovlog with a clip from my favorite band there, Faye Hong (飛鴻). I’m desperately waiting for them to release a full album with their new psychedelic-rock sound.

Ocean Home in Hualian

There were some other great bands at Ocean Home. Next year I would like to spend the entire week there to check out all the bands and spend some time in Hualian.

July 8 – 15

My lease on my apartment was ending in August and since I have a scooter now I wanted to move closer to the ocean. I found a great place in Anping only a few minutes away from Yuguangdao (漁光島).

Saturday (7/13/19)

On Saturday I took a friend around Tainan to show them some of my favorite spots in the city. Again, I didn’t take many photos but I did finally get a decent picture of Sicao Green Tunnel (四草綠隧)

Sicao Green Tunnel (四草綠隧)
Sicao Green Tunnel (四草綠隧)

Sunday (7/14/19)

I finally went to Kaohsiung to pick up my surfboard. Didn’t do much else.

Waiting at the bus station
Waiting at the bus station

July 16 – 23

Sunday (7/20/19)

My lease ended in August, so I decided to move closer to the beach. I found a couple of apartments in Anping near Yuguangdao that weren’t too big for one person.

I contacted a few of them but my first choice was already rented. The second one said it was still available but it took some convincing from my boss to get him to rent to a foreigner.

Unfortunately, a lot of landlords don’t want to rent to foreigners because of previous bad experiences. A lot of foreigners come here and take advantage of Taiwanese or don’t respect their culture.

This is one my biggest issues with foreigners in Taiwan. It makes life hard for the rest of us who genuinely love this country and want to stay here for a long time.

New apartment
New apartment

July 24 – 30

I spent the rest of July relaxing and getting everything set up in my new apartment. I went to the beach a few times and tried out my surfboard. Learning to surf is definitely harder than it looks.

I have a lot more plans for August, so the next blog will hopefully have a lot more. Some months the weather isn’t great or I’m too tired to go out and explore, but I try to at least see something new each month.