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Join me as I document my travels to some of the Taiwan’s most beautiful destinations. Through sharing my thoughts, photographs and experiences, I hope to inspire you to come explore this beautiful island.

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My Impression of Taiwan

In the US I lived in the part of the country considered to be more friendly to their neighbors, though the exception is if you are not white, straight, and Christian. People will occasionally wave at strangers and help people who are having car trouble on the side of the road. The polar opposite can be found in China where there are stories of drivers hitting pedestrians and then running them over until they die or ignoring people on the street because they fear getting sued. In Taiwan I have found the exact opposite.

Wandering Tainan at Night

It was Friday night, I had just gotten off the bus and started walking home to change out of my work clothes. I’ve been trying to stop going to Lola’s during the weekdays, it has been getting a little expensive visiting the bar throughout the week, but going on the weekend should be fine.

How I got Here

Everyone I’d been with had always had something that made me question whether I really thought I was attracted to them. My first serious relationship, I was with a girl that I’d never look at twice if I had seen her on the street. For whatever reason I fell in love with her and we dated for almost five years before she left me.